Diverse Firm with Broad Range of Clients

The DC Law Group, LLC., has successfully represented hundreds of clients in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area.  Our firm’s philosophy has been to think outside the box and providing the BEST service to ALL our clients, from the migrant blue-collared worker to the CEO of an international company.  No client is too small or too big for our firm!

We are not afraid to litigate where we must and we will not waste our client’s time and money with unnecessary litigation.  Our hours are flexible, depending on our client’s needs; we are available on the weekends and after normal working hours if our clients require.  Further, there is always a live person to answer your calls during normal working hours.

Our trained staff is experienced with court processes and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your legal rights or pending lawsuit.  We speak Spanish, Chinese, and English.  Se hablan español.  我们说中文(We speak Chinese)